Paul W. King

Born at a very young age in Detroit, Michigan, Paul King realized he had the God-given talent to draw, most notably by his works of crayon art on the living room wall. Creativity abounded with his numerous sketches of monsters and headless creatures… so much, that his parents took him to a psychologist to make sure it wasn’t the fall on the head when his dad threw him out the car window when he was 10 years old in Des Moines, Iowa on a family trip out west.

His talent grew at Michigan State University, where as an art major, decided he didn’t want to be an art major. So he graduated with a BA in Advertising. Has yet to be an employee of any advertising firm, because they’re all idiots.

For the past 30 years he’s owned the production company Fresh Produce, Inc. a company that specializes in the production of business theater, sales meetings, corporate films, exhibits and television commercial production.

His expertise as a skilled Motion Graphics (After Effects) and 3D animator (Cinema 4D) has earned him respect amongst his clients and peers. His visualization of original creative is not only evident in his storyboards, but ends up on the screen as well. This has effectively given him a big head.

An acclaimed musician (guitar, mandolin, drums, keyboards), a singer/songwriter and audio engineer (ProTools) proves he’s really out of his mind.

Ok, enough of that… he still draws and illustrates cartoons and caricatures and thought he’d make a little cash on the side. So please buy something.

Besides his creative work, his hobbies include fly-fishing and painting watercolors in northern Michigan, at his Platte River log home. And from his deck view the river is still flowing right to left.